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Beginners Martial Arts Class


Elite Martial Arts will begin it's PHASE 2 re-opening on Wednesday, June 24, 2020.  What does this mean for you, our valued students - our extended family, really?

This means Outdoor Classes, Movie Nights, In-Studio Summer Camp, and continued Virtual Training!  We are maintaining a hybrid approach to best serve everyone.  In addition, we are conscious of safety measures to keep people from becoming ill while we open to serve more people.

The team is excited to welcome back many people who have been waiting for an in-person training option!


In-Person, outdoor, socially distant classes begin Tuesday, June 24.


Summer Movie Nights every week beginning Friday, June 26.


In-Studio Summer Camp in half-day sessions begins Monday, July 6.


Continued virtual group classes and lessons still available all summer.


Registering For Classes

All classes must be reserved ahead of time.  The state restricts the number of people, and we intend to follow guidelines, and keep this a safe, enjoyable experience.  Classes are 30 minutes each.  Follow this link and register, or register from the APP under RESOURCES:

Class Locations

Classes will begin in front of the Dojo on the grass between our parking lot and the old World Gym.  Once we get approval from Rockaway, we will relocate to one of the parks for an enhanced, enjoyable experience!

Safety Measures

To limit the number of people outdoors, we suggest parents park next to our workout area, stay within view, and enjoy from their vehicles.  We are not allowing more than 20 people at a time to be present for training.  Masks must be worn to and from class but may be taken off once in spot for training.

Dress Code

Participating students should arrive in Gi Pants or Gi Shorts and a Dojo Tshirt.  Belt should be tied around the shirt and pants/shorts.  Please also wear shoes and keep them on during the training session.  If you need to purchase a pair of shorts or a tshirt, please open your APP and navigate to SHOP section.

Inclement Weather

What if it rains?  In case of inclement weather, your reserved outdoor class will still be held at the same time as a special Zoom session.  You will receive notification of the link if you choose to continue with that alternative session.


Dates and Times

In-Studio Summer Camp will run from July 6 through August 28.  We are running two half-day sessions.  Morning runs from 8:00am to 12:00pm.  Afternoon runs from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

Camper Limits

While we are obviously under pandemic restrictions, this summer...we have reduced the number of campers we can accept.  Normally we allow 40 per week, now we will be accepting only 15.  The rest of the information is available on the Summer Camp registration link above or in your APP.


Dates and Times

Every Friday this summer (until August 28) we'll host a quiet, safe movie night starting around 5:30pm.  This is a great opportunity for parents to get 2 HOURS to themselves!  Until given State "OK", we will keep the kids responsibly distant and suggest they bring masks even if they don't wear them all night.

Movie Choices

We have selected a variety of martial arts movies.  Each event has MPAA rating and suggested ages attached to the movie selection.


For those who would prefer to stay at home, we have rolled out virtual programs with high engagement, accountability, and fun. Our virtual offerings are live and interactive so students are actually spending time with their favorite instructors and teachers in real time! We've had a great response from students and their families. Our offerings include: Private 1-on-1 martial arts lessons, live martial arts group classes, small group craft & educational sessions (similar to our in-person after school program), parents' nights in, VIP parties, and birthday parties.

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