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Pandemic Responsible Cleaning

HAND SANITIZER: Stations with hand sanitizer are placed throughout the facility, including a large bottle upon entry.  Students are allowed between classes, and even during classes to re-sanitize for their personal safety and cleanliness.

ANTI-BACTERIAL WIPES: Equipment and common surfaces are regularly wiped.

NON-SLIP COVERED FEET: Students/campers may elect to wear non-slip socks when inside the facility where shoes are not allowed.  Campers may use/supply their own non-slip socks or purchase martial art pairs at the Dojo.

ELECTROSTATIC ATOMIZING DISINFECTANT FOGGER: Between classes and at the end of each night, the fogger is sprayed over the entire training floor.  With particle spray smaller than 50 microns, it's professional-level sterilization ensures a nearly virus-free environment for students and staff alike.  Unlike a typical sprayer, the fogger particles quickly diffuse and penetrate surfaces and surroundings.

AIR STERILIZING OZONE GENERATOR: Industrial Strength cleaning and eradication.  Overnight, this machine draws-in all the air in the facility and purifies it through the virus-killing [99.97%] hepa filter, then treats it with an ultraviolet bulb to kill remaining germs, and finally expels the air mixed with newly created ozone (destroys odors, mold, and mildew).

PROFESSIONAL DEEP CLEANING: We have a partnership with JAN PRO CLEANING.  They are contracted to clean the entire Dojo - door to bathrooms - several times each week.  The cleaning team cares for the mats, mirrors, surfaces, windows, handles, doors, and bathrooms.  Our partnership ensures a complete commitment to clean!



MEMBER HEALTH ASSESSMENTS: Prior to entering our schools, members will be temperature checked for safety. Anyone registering over 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit will be requested to return home.  If anyone is not feeling well, has a fever, shortness of breath or any COVID-19 like symptoms, or has recently been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, we ask that they cancel their appointment. Virtual Training is available on a variety of days and times while ill or potentially ill.

FACE COVERINGS: Face masks that cover the mouth and nose are required in the Dojo for all students and team members, and will be required for entry where recommended by state and local health authorities. In outdoor settings, students will not be required to wear their face coverings while performing intense exercise in appropriately-spaced spots, but we do ask that they be worn at all other times while present.

CURBSIDE DROP-OFF: To limit the number of people inside our facilities, families accompanying students are asked to stay in their cars and drop off/pick up curbside. A member of our team will assist with this process, especially for our youngest members. When inside the facilities, students numbers will be no more than 14 (plus instructors), with social distancing markers in place.

EQUIPMENT CLEANING: The equipment used each is cleaned that evening after classes have completed.  We use virex which kills 99% of viruses, bacteria, and other germs.

RESERVATION-ONLY LIVE CLASSES: Classes are reservation-only.  This maintains state-mandated indoor [and outdoor] limits.  Class reservations can be made days ahead-of-time.

CO2 & POLLUTION MONITOR: We have installed an air-quality monitor which indicates amounts of carbon dioxide in the air - the smaller the quantity, the slower the spread of viruses.  Additionally, it measures pollution parts-per-million, humidity, and interior temperature.  This allows the team to monitor any drops in air quality, giving you the best and safest environment to train.



6 DAYS-PER-WEEK: We offer classes six days per week at a variety of times.  As the pandemic slowly eases and people safely re-emerge from quarantines or self-imposed physical distancing, we are committed to providing multiple options for your training needs.

VIRTUAL CLASSES: Not only do we have live, indoor classes.  But, we still offer world-class virtual instruction!  These classes are helpful for families still uncomfortable with others near them, and for people who are sick.  Not to mention, if traffic or a meeting is going to make you late for an in-person class, virtual classes are excellent alternatives!

OUTDOOR TRAINING: As the weather improves and demand increases, we'll offer some outdoor training as well.  Training outside can be a welcome middle-step between virtual and indoors.

FAMILY CLASSES: This is exciting!  Each week, we'll offer a family class where all ages can train together.  It's especially exciting since we have so many families training at the Dojo.  As a bonus, we are adding back all the Specialty Training Classes (Sparring, Weapons, Competition).

ONLINE VIEWING OF LIVE CLASSES: Since we are still limited, and being extra careful with our indoor training, we aren't allowing anyone other than training students inside.  Don't worry, we have a special Zoom link just for you!  Sit in your car, relax at home, or take us on the go.  Just log-in, the instructor will accept you, and watch!  Please keep your camera off and your audio on mute.

ONLINE COVID WAIVER: You don't have to come inside to sign a waiver stating you don't have nor have been recently exposed to COVID.  Instead, simply complete the online, digital-signature document; that simple!  No muss, no fuss...



SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM: We are running a Summer Camp in 2021!  The Dojo did it safely and without a single incident in 2020, and we're ready to do it even better this year!  Ask a team member for details.  Spaces will be extremely limited to comply with state restrictions and safety protocols.

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM: The Dojo is still running the After School Program through the pandemic.  Next School Year is on pre-sale.  We expect to have limited spaces, and be able to bus the children again, as we have for the past 12 years.  If you need an After School Pick-Up Program, ask a team member.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES LIVE & VIRTUAL: Martial Arts birthday parties are unique.  Unlike some, it's structured.  Participants get an introduction to discipline and respect in a safe, fun environment.  They are an inexpensive way to celebrate your children while simultaneously learning positive life-skills.  Book your Live or Virtual party with us in advance.

PARENT NIGHT OUT EVENTS: We have run parent night out events for over 15 years, and we're really good at them!  They are a low or no cost way for adults to take a short break, go on a date, get some [quite] work done, or just do nothing.  The Dojo operates a few per year, but can do one for your private group.  We can even make it a custom fundraiser (see below)!

LOCAL CUSTOM FUNDRAISERS: Helping our community is critical right now; and the Dojo is adamant to be on the forefront!  Have a cause you need help with?  Tell us and we'll create a fundraiser for it!


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